Keeping Pesky Ants Away

It happens when you’re least expecting it: you walk into your kitchen as you see an ant sitting on top of your just washed dishes. Or on top of that banana you were about to eat. Or crawling across the dinner table. Pesky ants or an ant trail is an unwelcome sight for everyone. In situations like these, you’ll need a … Read More

Termites in my home!

Spring is a season we all wait for here in Wichita – the sun starts to shine, the flowers start to bloom, and the termites come out to feast. Well, that last one isn’t necessarily the best thing to happen in spring. In fact, it can be one of the worst things that happen to your home. Termite infestations show … Read More

Rodent Control via Traps?

Do you have mice or other rodents raiding your kitchen and eating your food? Are you finding bags chewed open, holes in your walls, and droppings in your kitchen? Before you head off to the hardware store to buy traps – which is what most people do – you should consider working with an expert in rodent control. This isn’t just to … Read More

Bumbling with Bumble Bees

One of the most embarrassing (and painful) events of my professional life occurred when I went to eradicate a bumblebee nest and ended up being chased around the yard by a swarm of angry bumblebees. The neighbors appreciated the act. I went to the job unprepared and I ended up getting stung three times. I learned several important lessons: 1) … Read More

Finding the best pest control Wichita KS company

Do you hear a little scurry when you make a late night venture to the kitchen? Do you see a line of ants making their way toward the pet food area? Do you wake up with tiny bites irritating your skin? If so, you need to take action before a little pest control problem explodes into a huge infestation. It’s … Read More

Party for the Planet

Connecting with and educating the Wichita community means the world to a company like Patton Termite & Pest Control, Inc. For the past four years, the locally-owned, family business has participated in the annual Party for the Planet as part of Meritrust Earth Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo. This year, Patton Termite & Pest Control was one of 23 … Read More

Safeguarding Restaurants

Why is it important to safeguard your restaurant with pest control? There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a fine restaurant, ordering an exquisite meal and seeing an insect scurry up the wall. No matter how clean your restaurant looks, how delicious the food was or how fantastic the service was, that customer will remember that one insect for a … Read More

Certified Wichita Pest Control Service

[heading type=2]Choosing the Right Wichita Pest Control Company[/heading] Choosing the right pest control service for your home can require a great deal of research and examination. After all, you don’t want just anyone entering your home and spraying chemicals everywhere. It’s important to select a safe, environmentally-responsible pest control company that offers superior pest control service while maintaining a high … Read More

Top Ten Deadliest Insects: Part Two

Even though insects are small, some of them are quite dangerous to humans, directly and indirectly. This blog is the second post from a two part series of the ten deadliest insects. Here is No. 5 through No. 1: 5. Fire Ants – The venomous bite of a fire art is where they get their name. It has the sensation … Read More


With warmer temps and spring rains, you often get ants invading your home, but the Spring isn’t the only time of year you can see these invaders. If they decide to move a colony inside, they can be seen throughout the year.  Although there are quite a few species of ants that inhabit Kansas, only a few are an annoyance … Read More