How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

Black ants trailing up the exterior of a home

In the Wichita area during the early Spring, small, blackish-brown ants can show up on the kitchen counter or in the bathroom in small random numbers. If they locate something sweet, these little invaders can set up a trail of ants leading from the food source to some mysterious nesting site inside walls or window casings. Even if you spray … Read More

Help! I Have Ants in my Kitchen!

If you have ants in your kitchen, it can be pretty disconcerting. Ants carry germs and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in your home, especially if they are in the kitchen. The important thing to understand  is that you can’t get rid of ants on your own. You need professional help. Adopting better cleaning techniques and generally putting food away … Read More

Interview with the Owner

What should home owners be thinking about right now? This time of year, people should be getting ready for bugs that will emerge in the spring. Brown recluses are hibernating in the attic and having babies and once it warms up they will come down looking for food. Because of this, it’s best to be proactive and do an attic … Read More

Keeping Pesky Ants Away

It happens when you’re least expecting it: you walk into your kitchen as you see an ant sitting on top of your just washed dishes. Or on top of that banana you were about to eat. Or crawling across the dinner table. Pesky ants or an ant trail is an unwelcome sight for everyone. In situations like these, you’ll need a … Read More


With warmer temps and spring rains, you often get ants invading your home, but the Spring isn’t the only time of year you can see these invaders. If they decide to move a colony inside, they can be seen throughout the year.  Although there are quite a few species of ants that inhabit Kansas, only a few are an annoyance … Read More