Technician Spotlight- Chris Nichols

We have composed a short list of questions for our technicians to answer regarding their experiences in the pest control industry. We will be posting a different “Technician Spotlight” for each technician. Our technicians are all responsible for different routes of residential and commercial pest control  within Wichita and the surrounding areas. Their experiences and expertise in the field helps … Read More

Interview with the Owner

What should home owners be thinking about right now? This time of year, people should be getting ready for bugs that will emerge in the spring. Brown recluses are hibernating in the attic and having babies and once it warms up they will come down looking for food. Because of this, it’s best to be proactive and do an attic … Read More

Safeguarding Restaurants

Why is it important to safeguard your restaurant with pest control? There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a fine restaurant, ordering an exquisite meal and seeing an insect scurry up the wall. No matter how clean your restaurant looks, how delicious the food was or how fantastic the service was, that customer will remember that one insect for a … Read More