Attack Early with Termites and Ants

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In Kansas, termites and ants are some of the peskiests and most destructive pests. Both are best controlled with offensive tactics. Getting ahead of pests and establishing a layer of protection around your home or business is the best approach. Termites are a destructive force capable of causing significant damage to structures. Once ants take hold in your home or … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Pests

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To prevent pest infestations in and around your home throughout the year, you’ve got to get started in early spring. Make your home an inhospitable place for pests. Remove inviting environments, patch holes and eliminate extra moisture. Taking small steps each spring will help you avoid infestations in summer. Pests thrive in secluded areas. Dark corners of garages, cellars, crawl … Read More

Preventing Pesky Flea Infestations

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Preventing pesky flea infestations before they invade your home is the best approach to pest control. During winter and spring months, plan ahead to provide a ring of protection around your property. At the first sign of pests, act quickly to regain your ground. Once a full-blown infestation is on your hands, it’s an uphill battle to push back these … Read More

Winter Pest Control for Year Round Results

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As the days get colder, darker and shorter, many of us breathe a sigh of relief–thinking that the pain of pest season has passed. No more flies on our food or mosquitoes zapping the joy out of every outdoor moment. While mother nature puts some pests to bed, winter weather conditions are the perfect excuse for others to invade your … Read More

Tips To Keep Ants Away

Odorous House Ants

Patton Termite & Pest Control has made this guide to give you some helpful tips to keeps ants away from your home this spring. Ants will be emerging even before the plants start to bloom! Foraging ants are looking for food and water in or around your home. There are things that are appealing to ants inside but there may … Read More

What NOT to Do If You Have Bed Bugs

Discovering bed bugs in your home, and most likely your bed, can be a very disturbing moment and we want to help you know what NOT to do if you have bed bugs. Knowing what not to do is equally as important as knowing what to do. Usually, people call for help after the bed bug problem has been going … Read More

Associate Certified Entomologist

Patton Termite & Pest Control now has five Associate Certified Entomologists on staff. This is more than any other company in Kansas. We value knowledge and education and feel confident that our team of professionals can take on any pest issue you may have.

How Does an Exterminator Treat for Termites?

termite technician pulling termite station out of the ground to check it

Do you want to know what all treatment for termites entails by a professional exterminator? Read the article below for a detailed description of the process a professional will take to treat  your property for termites. About Termites   Termites are wood-destroying insects that live in the soil. They are present in every state in the United States except for Alaska. … Read More

Winter Pests in Wichita 101

Winter in Wichita, Kansas can be quite unpredictable, but not when it comes to pests. Some years it gets very cold and others it can be quite mild. Despite the fluctuating weather, insect pressures are still usually fairly consistent. Like all animals, insects have found a way to adapt to their environment. Here are several different ways that insects have … Read More

How To Keep Mice Out of My Home

Small mouse eating nuts

If you’re wondering how to keep mice out of your home, follow the guide below to learn why, where, and how they might be getting inside. What Are Mice Looking For? The first and most important step for keeping invaders out is to figure out where and why they are getting in. Cracks, creases, and holes allow mice or insects … Read More