How Do You Kill A Termite Colony?

Life Cycle of Sentricon Bait 1085x1335 - How Do You Kill A Termite Colony?

The four images above show the different stages of Recruit HD® termite bait. The Sentricon System is designed to kill the entire termite colony and provide 24/7 protection of hour home or business. It also allows us to monitor termite activity at all times. Kansas has a climate that is very conducive to termite activity so protection is key!  

How Can I Tell If I Have Termites?

Termites are small but they have the ability to impact your home in a big way. So many homes in Wichita have termite colonies living in the foundation without the homeowners even realizing it. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for as much as five billion worth of property damage each year. In fact, as you … Read More

Termite Swarm Homes in April

What is a termite swarm? Termites can unexpectedly explode from a tiny hole in a wall or a crack in cement creating a horrific scene for homeowners known as a termite swarm. The swarm is the emergence of large numbers of reproductive termites from a termite colony, usually in the spring when conditions are just right. These winged insects, brownish … Read More

Interview with the Owner

What should home owners be thinking about right now? This time of year, people should be getting ready for bugs that will emerge in the spring. Brown recluses are hibernating in the attic and having babies and once it warms up they will come down looking for food. Because of this, it’s best to be proactive and do an attic … Read More

Green Without the Wimpy

[heading type=2]A Green Product That Actually Works[/heading] We’ve all been there before. Green detergents that don’t actually get your clothes clean. Water-saving toilets that have to be flushed twice. Does the promise of green always come at the cost of compromise? Not always. A growing number of green products actually equal or outperform less earth-friendly options. That’s the case with … Read More

Mapping the Termite Genome?

Termites are a big problem for all of us in Wichita, from different companies and industrial spaces to individual homes and apartments. They are certainly persistent and troublesome little things. Once they get into any structure, it is important to act quickly and go to great lengths to deal with them. Most of the time, it requires a lot of … Read More

Termites in my home!

Spring is a season we all wait for here in Wichita – the sun starts to shine, the flowers start to bloom, and the termites come out to feast. Well, that last one isn’t necessarily the best thing to happen in spring. In fact, it can be one of the worst things that happen to your home. Termite infestations show … Read More

Winter Pests 101

When winter times comes, you may notice that the amount of insects that are bugging you significantly decrease, so you may not need the services of a Pest Control Wichita KS company as often. Like all animals, insects have found a way to adapt to the cold winter weather. Here are several different ways that insects adapt to the winter season: … Read More

Winning against termite infestation

[heading type=2]Say Goodbye to Termite Infestation[/heading] The best approach to protect your home from termite infestation is to avoid conditions that aid termites in gaining access. There are several simple things you can do to help avoid termites. First, do not allow the wood from your home to come in contact with the soil. The minute wood sets on earth, … Read More

Termites in my home?

Termites are cryptic creatures. Their nests are concealed in the soil and their bridges to our homes are covered in mud. Because of their hidden nature, they are difficult to spot. Often, they invade homes through obscure places, mysteriously appearing in walls and windows or found sneaking up foundations in mud tubes. Seldom do we see termites in the open … Read More