Patton Exterminating Commonly Asked Questions


If you see just one, you can be sure there are more, just out of sight. Seeing an occasional pest or rodent is a sign of a problem that can potentially turn into something more if an exterminator wichita ks like Patton Exterminating doesn’t make an inspection.

If you have a feeling one treatment isn’t enough to keep your house pest free, we offer a couple of different options. Patton Exterminating guarantees that each exterminator wichita ks on our team is qualified, experienced and reliable, and will come back free if you still see pests after we have been out the first time. It’s part of our commitment to you as a QualityPro extermination service.

We use the most effective low toxicity chemicals available. They are much less harmful to people, pets, and their environments than what is currently offered by the majority of the pest exterminator market.

Normally you or your pets don’t need to leave. If we are performing a flea treatment, people, children and pets will need to be out for an hour or so. If we use liquid, pets and children will need to remain off the treated surface until it dries. Patton Exterminating has special, certified green pest exterminator services that greatly limit exposure to pesticides.

Most of our products do not have an odor and you do not have to leave your home or business.

No. With our specialized techniques and materials we can eliminate cockroaches without contaminating food or dishes.

Yes, an exterminator wichita ks can inspect your home for termite damage. If damage is found, we can treat for termites. Since every home, structure and situation is different, there are many different methods and materials that can be used to treat for termites. Termidor™ is our material of choice. We also have termite baiting systems.

Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest exterminator services. You won’t have a smell to remind you (or your guests) that you have had a recent visit from a pest exterminator.

Yes, Patton Exterminating is committed to personal service and customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Our guarantee is this. “We will stay with the job until it’s done right and you are satisfied.” Our warranty on our routine program is continuous.

QualityPro is an industry program designed to increase professionalism and quality with the pest control industry. It ensures that you only allow a professional, qualified and honest pest exterminator into your home. We are committed to providing quality service, from quality professionals and that is we partner with QualityPro.
To become QualityPro, a company must certify that it:

  • Checks references
  • Conducts criminal background checks
  • Conducts motor vehicle records checks
  • Has a drug-free workplace policy
  • Meets minimum insurance policy requirements
  • Has a termite warranty/service agreement that meets requirements
  • Has a customer communications policy
  • Ensures employees are tested and trained to the highest industry standards.
  • Provides an IPM information sheet to consumers
  • Practices proper pesticide handling
  • Has ensured that technicians and sales employees pass a state administered QualityPro exam
  • Agrees to complaint-triggered audits ensuring adherence to QualityPro guideline