Patton Termite and Pest’s team of dedicated pest control experts are specifically trained to assist real estate agents with the purchase and sale of homes and businesses. Our staff understands the importance of responsive pest control solutions required to move a transaction through the closing process.

The process of selling a home can put you and your family under a microscope. People you don’t know will be inspecting every square inch of your home for any flaw that they can find. A home inspection can make or break a potential buyer. Here at Patton Termite and Pest, we try to make this process a little bit easier. We make the process of having your home inspected for pests, plus the actual process of pest control in Wichita less stressful for you.

From Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports (WDII)Termite treatment bids and services for your Home Owners Association members, Patton Termite and Pest is the leading solution throughout Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding communities. We are locally owned and operated, and all our technicians have the highest level of industry certifications available as well as continuing education classes to remain abreast of the latest regulations and innovative approaches to eco-friendly pest control for commercial and residential properties.

Our skilled and certified pest control technicians and sales representatives are the best in the business. Couple that with our excellent customer service and “can do” attitude and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our pest control experts will be able to find and eliminate the pests that will drive the home’s price down. We know where to look and what to do once we find the pests. Call (316) 773-3825 and talk to a pest control expert today.

Termite Inspections

Patton Termite and Pest is your one stop shop for all commercial and residential termite control in Wichita.Contact us today.