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Wichita’s Trusted Cockroach Exterminator

Cockroaches are serious survivors. Some of the original species predate trees. So, once you allow an infestation to set up, they are very hard to eliminate. Because they hide very well and are resistant to may insecticides, your best bet is to hire a trusted and reliable pest exterminator.

While there are more than 4,000 cockroach varieties, only about 30 try to live with humans. Four varieties, in particular, that cause greatest problems in the U.S., the American, German, Asian, and Oriental cockroaches. They are excellent adapters and they multiply very quickly. The German female cockroach lives only about 200 days yet produces hundreds of cockroaches in her lifetime. You may not see the cockroaches at first as they are cryptic and like to hide. Roaches can live for up to a month without food and are nocturnal. They like to eat human food, dead insects, book bindings, furniture glue, and more. In order to have a healthy home, you need to eradicate cockroaches in your home as soon as possible as they are known to carry many diseases that cause human health problems. Additionally, cockroaches have been shown to cause asthma in children.

If you live in the Wichita or surrounding areas, Patton Termite & Pest Control, with over 175 years of experience of shared experience in exterminating, can help you with your roach problem. Patton also serves outlying communities such as El Dorado, Hutchinson, Newton, Winfield, Wellington, Arkansas City and more.

Aside from German cockroaches, oriental cockroaches are also very common in Wichita.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - CockroachesOriental cockroaches, often referred to as “water bugs” in the south, are very dark brown or shiny black. The female is slightly longer than the male—1 1/4 inch compared with 1 inch. Unlike other domestic cockroaches, the female does not develop wings, but produces only short, triangular wing pads. The male has wings, but they are short and broad, leaving about one quarter of the abdomen exposed.

How can I tell if I have cockroaches?

Usually cockroaches are seen throughout the home, including in basements, attics, kitchens, and bathrooms. However, the most common location is in the kitchen inside cabinets, under sinks and on counter tops. They can even be found inside of electronics! Because of the cockroach’s ability to reproduce rapidly, even sighting a single cockroach in the home should raise enough concern to contact a professional pest exterminator immediately.

Can I prevent cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a fact of life in cities and most urban areas. They can be brought in with groceries and personal belongings. To help avoid them, don’t keep a cluttered house or leave dirty dishes in the sink for long periods of time. German roaches love to live in paper sacks stored between the refrigerator and cabinets. Keep this area free of clutter. If you notice roaches showing up on kitchen or bathroom counters, call a pest management professionals who can eliminate the problem with proven solutions.

Can you treat cockroaches by yourself, without a professional?

Roaches can be very difficult to eliminate without professional help. They are notoriously formidable and don’t die easily from exposure to over the counter insecticides. They are resistant to most common household chemicals and are difficult to locate. Because they are dirty and breed so easily, your best bet to eliminate roaches is to get a professional pest exterminator.

How long does a cockroach treatment typically take?

Treatments will depend on the severity and extent of the infestation. You will have to work with the Patton Termite & Pest team to get a true time estimate. Cockroaches can take a while to remove completely, and you will need to remain vigilant for a few months after cockroach treatments.