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Patton can solve the most difficult mouse and rat infestations in Wichita

While the rodent class includes much more than just mice and rats, these two animals are the ones most seen in Wichita, and most likely to try to move into your home. They want a warm place to spend the winter and access to food and water, especially when it gets cold.

While they can appear cute and fuzzy-looking to some, these animals actually can carry up to 35 diseases contractible by humans. Their ability to spread disease is one of the main reasons to keep these varmints out of  your home. Some rodents drop contaminated feces in your home which also makes clean up after a rodent infestation somewhat dangerous. Also, diseases can be passed to you and your pets through rat fleas.  Even the dust from their nest can spread bacteria.

mouse image 3How can I tell if I have a rodent problem?

Most rats and mice leave signs that can tell you they have invaded your home . However, the specific marks depends on the specie. The most basic tokens are small, black dropping in and around cabinets and floors. You may also find your food packages that are chewed open, especially grains and sweets. If you have cats, they might catch one or two, but where there is one, there will be more.

What if I don’t take care of rodent infestation?

Eventually, infestations of rodents will get so bad that you will be forced to take action or you will have medical problems. Rodents will cause structural damage because of chewing or scratching. They also carry diseases and walk over many different surfaces, including those you eat off of. Let Patton Termite & Pest Control take care of your rodent problem and other pest problems you may have.

Can I prevent rodents?

The best way to prevent rodents is to seal off any openings from the outside. Rats and mice can squeeze into very small openings. These need to be filled with stainless steel wool or copper mesh to keep them from chewing their way into your home. Food should not be readily available. Open containers of dog food should not be left outdoors. Inside, you should also seal all of your food so that they can’t chew it open. Use plastic containers and clean up any crumbs promptly.

How long does a rodent infestation treatment by Patton  typically take?

A minimum of monthly treatment are the most effective and best way to go you have a small or medium infestation with moderate rodent pressure. If you have a severe infestation with lots of pressure, weekly service may be necessary in the beginning of the treatment program.