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While they may startle or make you squirm, some spiders are actually beneficial as they help reduce the population of other harmful insects. There are several types of spiders, even in Wichita, that do bite humans and a couple of them are dangerous and potentially deadly. Spiders can be very difficult to control and that’s why it is so important to hire a pest control company like Patton Termite & Pest Control that can keep these intruders at bay.

If you are bitten by either of the spiders below, it is important for you to seek treatment immediately:

black widow spider

The Black Widow spider is easily identified by its black color and red hourglass design on its abdomen (underside). These spiders are typically found outside or in garages.

The Brown Recluse spider has a darker brown fiddle on its back and likes to stay hidden indoors. It will bite if confronted.

brown recluse spider

Additional spiders to watch for in the U.S., but not necessarily in Wichita, as they still bite and treatment still may be needed: Grass Spider, Wolf Spider, Hobo Spider, and the Saint Andrew’s Cross Spider.

How can I tell if I have spiders?

The most obvious sign is a spider’s web, which consists of sticky and non-sticky silken thread, and serves as its living and eating quarters. While some spiders actively hunt their prey, such as the wolf spider and jumping spiders, most spin magnificent webs in order to catch their prey in mid-air. You will see the webs, and you may see the spiders, especially when you turn on lights after dark.

Here’s some advice from the experts at Patton Termite and Pest Control:

Move and shake boxes inside your home and in the garage to disturb spiders. Cleaning your closets twice a year can also help keep spiders at bay.
Wear protective gloves when moving boxes, furniture and cleaning your home as poisonous spiders like the Brown Recluse spiders can penetrate your skin and threaten your life.
Setting up sticky traps can also help catch spiders, but should be used with caution in homes with children and pets.
Use a vacuum to suck up and kill spiders.
Turn off the porch lights as they can attract bugs which in turn attract those spiders.
Keep in mind that it is better to err on the side of caution and hire a professional pest control company like Patton Termite & Pest Control.

How long does a spider treatment typically take?

A treatment for most homes performed by our specialists at Patton Termite & Pest Control takes between 30 – 60 minutes. Brown Recluse clean outs can be a bit more extensive and take longer than that.  All treatments will depend on the severity and extent of the problem so we will work with you to give you a true estimate according to your specific needs.